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Meet Donna Godwin

Donna Godwin, Owner/Operator (850) 814-6374

Donna Godwin launched Made in the Shade Destin to offer affordable custom window treatments to Destin. Sales experience in this territory is in excess of 30 years and we extend our integrity and sales expertise to all of our customers. Do you know your style? (Modern, Boho, Farmhouse, Industrial, Rustic or Traditional) Customizing your windows is our goal and we are willing to spend the time to help you pick out just the right style for you. Call us or visit this link to set up an appointment for your free blind date today!

Our business model is designed with our complimentary, in-home consultation in mind. We’ll sit down for a few minutes to talk about what you’re interested in seeing, and then bring in the samples so that you can make an informed decision. No matter your product choice, our first goal is to make certain that you are completely comfortable – and educated – with your window covering choices. What sets us apart is that every one of our highly trained, local franchisees are committed to offering you the perfect solution for your windows.

We are proud to stand by our five-point value system, part of our

commitment to offer genuine value with every single product we sell:

  • Quality: Every single product we sell is made of top-quality materials by the best and most experienced window covering companies in the world. We sell the best because they make the best.
  • Customization: Just because every window needs to be covered doesn’t mean you should do what everyone else does. Make each window yours – dare to be different. We make it easy!
  • Service: We back up every sale with service. Our goal is to provide stellar care after the sale because every client is a story, and we want your story to be as amazing as your window coverings.
  • Warranty: Everything we sell is covered by our manufacturers’ generous warranties. Most of our products carry a limited lifetime warranty. So, not only will we back up our own sales with service down the road, we also work with our trusted vendor partners who back up everything they manufacture. This is peace of mind like no other.
  • Price: We all know that price doesn’t always equal value, but when we back it up with the best products and the bestwarranties in the business, we’re offering great value at a great price. Guaranteed.

Our goal is simple: A comfortable shopping experience where you are able to make informed, educated decisions about your window fashion needs.